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Dehumidified controlled environment
(55 – 60% RH)

£26.00 / week

Dry, Indoor, Secure storage

£21.55 / week



Dry, indoor, secure storage

£10.50 / week

Specialist/Oversize Vehicles


Dehumidified controlled environment
(55 – 60% RH)


All prices are subject to VAT at the standard 20%


We have full trade insurance that covers your vehicle on an indemnity basis for fire, theft and accidental damage whilst in store and fully comprehensively when being driven on the road by an employee of Manor Car Storage. The charge for the insurance is based on the value of your car:

  • £1.25 / week – For cars up to £50,000
  • £2.60 / week – For cars up to £100,000
  • £4.00 / week – For cars over £100,000

If you also keep your own insurance in place then we advise you to inform your insurance provider that your car is now being stored at Manor Car Storage. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Please be aware that insurance cover provided by Manor Car Storage is only valid whilst your car is in our care. On removal of your car you will be fully responsible for insurance.

An insurance administration charge will also apply to all vehicles, click the insurance options tab at the bottom of the page for more information

All prices are subject to VAT at the standard 20%

CarCare Maintenance Programme

Monthly tyre check, vehicle roll movement, engine start up and run to operating temperature, depress brake, clutch pedals, engage gears, battery check, charge if necessary. General inspection, includes oil and antifreeze check on arrival (materials extra)

£5.00 / week

As above but every 60 days

£3.35 / week

Dust sheets

from £42.50

Tailored covers to order


Intelligent battery conditioner (recommended)


All prices are subject to VAT at the standard 20%

Servicing & Transportation

Simple maintenance, oil changes, MOT preparation and adjustments can be carried out at our premises by our specialist mechanic.

£55.00 / hour

Arranging and attending MOT test (we will advise you when your MOT is due and whether you wish it to be renewed).

£45.00 plus test fee

Liaising with garages regarding servicing and repairs, delivery and collection of vehicles.

£35.00 / hour

Delivery/collection Heathrow/Gatwick.


Delivery / collection of car from other locations by insured driver or covered transporter.


Organising for car to be available at Meet & Greet Airport Car Park.


All prices are subject to VAT at the standard 20%

Valeting & Detailing

Basic valet (subject to size & condition of vehicle)

pressure pre wash
alloy wheels & tyres cleaned
hand wash with shampoo
door + boot shuts cleaned
tyres dressed
interior seats, carpets, door cards & floor mats lightly hoovered
dust & wipe interior plastics
ashtrays emptied
air freshener
interior & exterior glass polished
N.B not suitable for a heavily soiled car


Basic + Polish = Basic + the following

power wash door + boot shuts + door seals
hand applied polish
wheel arches cleaned
dashboard cleaned
air vents hoovered
thorough vacuum boot
bodywork mouldings & bum/s dressed
chrome polished – tar spots removed


Full = Basic + Polish + the following;

shampoo seats, carpets & luggage space, air vents & dashboard cleaned
vinyl/plastic trim cleaned and conditioned
door cards cleaned


Interior clean

passenger compartment + load space thoroughly hoovered
air vents + dashboard cleaned+door cards cleaned
seats & carpets shampooed
(if the vehicle has leather upholstery, this will be professionally cleaned)
load space shampooed



Detailed is the ultimate deep cleanse for your vehicle. both the interior & exterior of your vehicle will be meticulously cleansed, polished & protected. we use the finest products from the autoglym range, including the fantastic high definition range.
Depending on the condition of your vehicle, your vehicle will have at least a full day spent meticulously deep cleaning it to a standard you would not believe possible.


We are also able to quote for the following services:

headlinings cleaned (incl sun visors)
engine bay (at customer's own risk, see disclaimer)
tree sap/tar and 'fall out' removal
paintwork clay barred
light scratch removal
paint work renovation
paintwork sealed
high definition wax
high definition cleansing
fabric soft top cleaning & waterproofing
vinyl soft top cleaning & proofer
leather upholstery/trim feed (in addition to cleaning the leather)
Air Con Sanitized

Air con sanitized is long lasting micro-bial sanitiser that eliminates harmful bacteria and bad odours from air conditioning systems. it is effective against bacteria, yeasts and moulds which can contribute to illness and cause unpleasant odours.
Clay Bar

The clay bar is a specially formulated compound that safely and effectively removes contaminants such as road grime, tar, tree sap, overspray and industrial fallout that become trapped on the vehicle paint surface, by grabbing and pulling them free. leaving an ultra smooth finish in preparation for polishing.
High Definition Wax

Autoglym's ultimate quality wax – used to achieve the finest lustre and depth of shine normally only found on the most expensive hand built cars
High Definition Cleanser

For perfect results when waxing, it is important to ensure the surface of the paintwork is deep cleaned to remove all traces of road grime, bug splatter, old waxes, etc. high definition cleanser effectively removes all the vehicles surface residues as well as water marking, general dust and grime. this will leave a fresh clean surface, ready for your choice of autoglym polish/wax.
Paintwork Sealant

This application seals and preserves the ultimate finish on clean and pre-polished paintwork. treated surfaces are treated with a super-tough coating to keep paintwork looking brilliant for longer.

Engine Cleaning Disclaimer

Whilst every care is taken when carrying out an engine clean / hand clean, there is a very slim chance that water intrusions might occur. This could cause an electrical fault in the engine. In most cases, the fault will be temporary in nature and will resolve itself once the engine has dried. Occasionally, the fault is more serious and could have a lasting effect on the engine's performance. For the above reasons, this service can only be carried out at the owner's risk. We will not be held liable for faults occurring as a result of this service.


All prices are subject to VAT at the standard 20%

Terms & Conditions

Required Documentation

A copy of the V5C registration document must be sent with the completed booking form.


In order to maintain your vehicle in the best possible condition and unless otherwise advised all vehicles will be washed & leather on arrival at store and, when necessary, on return from MOT tests or servicing. The charge for this is £45 (dependant on the size and condition of the car).

Payment Terms

We invoice quarterly in advance, payment is due on receipt of invoice or alternatively you can chose to pay monthly by standing order. All charges must be paid in full at the end of any storage period and before a car is removed.


We ask for a minimum of one week’s notice of removal of a car from store. However we aim to be as flexible as possible and can often provide evening or weekend collections / deliveries. The minimum storage period is 12 weeks.

Temporary Removal From Store

We can facilitate 4 movements from store over a 12 month period, thereafter each movement will be charged at £40. If your vehicle is temporarily removed from storage and you wish to reserve the space, there will be no refund for unused weeks’ storage. If your vehicle is removed permanently any full unused weeks’ storage will be refunded.


We have full trade insurance that covers your vehicle on an indemnity basis for fire, theft and accidental damage whilst in store and fully comprehensively when being driven on the road by an employee of Manor Car Storage. The administration charge for this is a reflection of the value of your car.

Value of Car                 Administration charge
Up to £50,000               £1.25/week + VAT
£50,000 - £100,000       £2.60/week + VAT
Over £100,000              £4.00/week + VAT